• British Schools Orienteering Championships (BSOC) 2018 Report
  • British Schools Orienteering Championships (BSOC) 2018 Report

British Schools Orienteering Championships (BSOC) 2018 Report

The weekend of 17th and 18th November was a busy and successful one for LRGS Orienteers.

On Saturday 17th there was pre-competition training for the Year 7 and 9 teams and the special qualifying event (SQE) to earn a place on the national team for our top orienteer.

The training went well and our top orienteer did very well and by finishing 4th helped to secure his place on the represent Britain at the World Schools Orienteering Championships in Estonia in 2019.

On Sunday it was the British Schools Orienteering Championships with LRGS Orienteers in the Yr 7, Yr 9, Yr 11 and Yr 12 categories.

The Year 7 and 11 boys did well and finished in respectable times against stiff competition.(Yr7s Isaac 22nd and Ben 32nd, Yr11s Craig 11th and Jia 19th)

In the Yr12 course Finlay finished 4th (and so together with his great performance in the SQE secured his place in the British team. Danny wasn’t far behind finishing in 7th. The competition is this category is very strong and both of these places are impressive.

The Year 9 team had strength and depth, with Fred finishing 8th, Alex 10th, Michael 15th and Thomas 26th. The first 3 contributed to the team total which won the Bronze Medal for the LRGS Yr 9 Team.

Overall the LRGS school team finished in 8th, with the following contributing to this fine result.

8   Lancaster Royal Grammar School   122     9

  Place Forename                        Course  Time

    4       Finlay                                  B12    30:58

    7       Danny                                 B12    33:07

    8       Fred                                    B9     27:37

    10     Alex                                    B9     27:53

    11     Craig                                  B11    44:05

    15     Michael                               B9     33:17

    19     Jia                                      B11    57:37

    22     Isaac                                  B7     27:42

    26     Thomas                              B9     41:15

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‘I enjoyed taking part and winning a bronze medal with my friends.’ Alex

‘I really enjoyed representing LRGS.’ Isaac

Congratulations to everyone who took part. Details of the event can be found here Results for the event are here

Report  by Mr. T Matthew