• Green Day
  • Green Day

Green Day

Today is ‘Green Day’, a day in which the school are celebrating the culmination of a project to minimise the use of plastics in school.

The whole school have been invited to wear non-uniform in support of ‘Precious Plastics Lancaster’ and are wearing something green and donating £2.

The Head of School Joshua Fowler, James Parry and Patrick Wilkinson have been leading a team of students to look into ways that LRGS can increase recycling and reduce the use of plastics. To reduce the amount of bottled water that is purchased, new refillable water bottles are on sale for £5 outside the Grab & Go during break and lunch on Green Day. They have implemented a new recycled waste collection process which has involved introducing new recycling bins and collection bags to separate cardboard, glass and plastics.

The students have also worked with the catering team Chartwells to significantly reduce the use of plastic in the catering outlets, such as changing from plastic cutlery to wooden, recycled napkins, removing all plastic water cups and swapping them for paper cones or reusable beakers.

They even made a film about their project, watch it here.

Thank you to Mark Davies and Councillor Brendan Hughes from Lancaster City Council for visiting us to talk to pupils today about the environment, recycling and reducuing our use of plastics.

Thank you to Precious Plastics Lancaster for talking to us about their work in the district to reduce our reliance on plastics and how the money raised by our pupils will be spent.