• Shaun Higgins on tour
  • Shaun Higgins' Memorial
  • Shaun Higgins' Cricket Pitch
  • Kath Luker and Ann Higgins on Shaun's Memorial Bench
  • Cricket Score Board

Shaun Higgins Memorial Fund

Shaun Higgins

OL 1958 – 1966, Staff 1970 – 2012

“An inspirational leader and coach – a foundation stone of LRGS”

You will no doubt have your own memories of Shaun but the words above must surely reflect the respect and admiration that we all felt for him.

Shaun, of course, would be the last to admit it.  Indeed he would have been truly surprised and humbled by the number of lives that he had touched and what he meant to so many.

As a school, we feel it is important to keep his memory alive and to acknowledge the huge impact that he had on hundreds of pupils, former pupils, staff, governors and parents.

A Memorial Fund was set up in his name and we are extremely grateful for the generosity of so many who have supported it.   We thought you might like to know what your donations to Shaun’s Fund have helped us to do.

We have been able to create a new 30 metre cricket match pitch along with sight screen and score board.  This will be used for the younger boys to develop their cricketing skills.  We have bought three solid hardwood benches – each one beautifully engraved – and positioned on the perimeter of the Douthwaite Field, just where Shaun used to sit.   A new cricket 1st XI honours board is on order to match the current ash one (donated by Brian Lord) in the cricket pavilion and a rugby score board is also on order to be ready for the new season when school starts again in September.  

In addition, an unusual and unique memorial has been acquired for the school and pupils to remember and share Shaun’s passion for the Classics.   In a recent assembly, Tony Burns, Maths teacher and former pupil of Shaun’s, told the boys of Shaun’s love of academia and his belief that everyone can do well if they are set tough challenges and work hard.    Shaun was a huge fan of Latin and Greek and of Seamus Heaney.   So, when an illustrated limited edition version of Seamus Heaney’s translation of Aeneid Book VI was published in the same year that Shaun died, it seemed just right to buy a copy in his memory.  We’re keeping the book safe in school where it can be viewed by all and used by the older boys during their A level studies.

Finally, you will be pleased to know that the Old Lancastrians and Governors approved the installation of Shaun’s name on the school’s Honours Boards to acknowledge his dedication and long service to the school.

On behalf of us all at LRGS - our sincere thanks to all of you for helping to keep Shaun’s memory alive.